The Lost Earring

CEOs of business firms hire people to run the organization’s affairs.  Delegation of responsibilities to trusted officers to get things done down to the staff level is but the dictum of sound management.  Rank and file employees have no direct access to the CEO without following protocol by going through the proper channels according to hierarchy.  That is how the world operates.

Some people have placed God in a similarly-labeled box, thinking that He is too busy to be bothered with the small things.  But contrary to the world’s perspective, God is actively involved even in what we, humans, perceive to be tiny and trivial.

For a good number of years, I was actively involved in the Music Ministry of our church.  It branched out to the Funeral Ministry, an outreach arm that gives comfort and hope to the bereaved family of the deceased and guests through evangelistic memorial services.  During one memorial service, while waiting for the program to start, I made a quick detour to the rest room.  At the conclusion of the service, my team huddled in a corner where we engaged in casual conversation.  One of the girls called my attention.  “Are you really wearing just one earring?,” she asked.  Instinctively, I lifted my fingers to feel both my ear lobes.  At my discovery, I gasped, “Oh, no!  Where’s my other earring?“ Questions ran in my head.  “Did I forget to wear the other earring?”  “Could it have popped off somewhere?”  At the same time, I was saying a silent prayer.

I scanned the floor around us, with no results.  With a tinge of regret and almost resigned to the thought of losing the piece of jewelry permanently, I heeded the call of nature before our group departed from the funeral chapel.  “There’s still hope,” I thought, trying to buoy up my spirit as I headed for the rest room, for I hadn’t looked there yet.  My hope was dashed when I found no trace of it in areas within the reach of the limited, dim lights.  I had no expectations when I went inside one of the cubicles.  The inadequate lighting did little to illuminate the cubicle inside.  Then I felt my foot step on something.  Lo and behold!  It was the lost earring!  Only God could have brought me back to the exact same cubicle I entered the first time.  Only God could have placed the earring at the exact spot where He knew I would set foot on.

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Only God’s all-encompassing greatness can accommodate and treat with equal importance all major as well as minor concerns of ours.  You know what this tells us?  Each one of us is precious and valuable in His sight.  No one is too small or ordinary to get His attention; none too paltry a problem for God to dismiss or take for granted.  Our big God also has eyes for the minutiae.



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