Durian Outside Durian Country

At a barbecue lunch one Sunday in Antipolo City hosted by my cousin’s ex-classmate, it fascinated me no end to see for the first time a live durian tree right here in the metropolis.  I have been to Davao, the durian capital of the Philippines, in the line of duty, but I never had the chance to see much of the sights or discover things indigenous to the place.  Not having to go all the way to Davao to see a durian tree up close is, therefore, a rare treat.  And what perfect timing to catch its fruit-bearing stage!  From what I gathered, the durian seed was planted in the property three years ago.  Now that’s a short wait!  Only a certified green thumb could have accomplished such a feat.  And no way was I going to pass up the chance to capture nature’s work for posterity.  Wish I had the privilege to savor the taste of its ripened fruit……


For a bit of trivia, durian comes from the Malay word duri which means thorn or spike.  Characteristics of the durian include large fruits with thick spiky shell or husk and strong, pungent smell. They are native to tropical countries in Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines (specifically in Davao in Mindanao), Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.



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