Prelude to a Blogger’s Journey

Hello, world!  It’s good to finally break into this virtual space after a long wait.  A lot of friends have urged me to start my own blog years ago, but so much was going on in my life then to give it much thought.  Now that I’ve retired from the corporate world, there’s plenty of time in my hands so I might as well make the minutes count.  This preoccupation provides just the right stimulus for my brain cells to engage in mental calisthenics to keep me from slipping into a sedentary lifestyle and prevent me from hitting the doldrums.

As I start writing on a fresh, new slate, let me just state that I’m not out to please or impress; I will not even attempt to compete.  Out there is an expanse vast enough to accommodate anyone and everyone who wish to stake a claim over this medium of self-expression.  As cliché-ish as it may sound, “Different strokes for different folks” offers a sound argument.  Still, with every activity comes responsibility.  Everything is subject to interpretation.  A lot of times, the meaning gets lost in the translation.  At the end of the day, after all is said and done, what will render judgment is good conscience.  With ears close to the ground to sharpen sensitivity to sensibilities, due respect for others will keep us above board and within ethical bounds.

In the days ahead, as often as opportunity permits, I look forward to serving a slice of life from my 4 I’s menu: (real-life) Incidents, Insights and Inspirations plus (tidbits of) Information.  Be they random thought bubbles, day-to-day occurrences and dalliances, or files retrieved from my data bank, may they make or save even just one soul’s day.

Till next……..


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